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​The 2016 survey period will begin in June 2016.  Even if you do not grow any roses on the list, contact our RIR Coordinator, Diane Wilkerson, and your response will count and be recorded as a "reporter".  Consulting Rosarians and Judges are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to submit a report.  Your reports help growers in our region with information on the growing habits of newer (and some older) varieties. Please help out all of the rose growers in our district by participating in the next survey at http://www.stsrv.com/rir/aboutrir.html

For the 2015 Roses in Review (RIR) survey, the Penn Jersey District had 33 reporters, providing ratings on 82 different varieties.  The rose with the highest Exhibition Rating (5 or more votes) was "Cooper” (MinFl) with an average of 8.6. The rose with the highest Garden Rating (5 or more votes) was "Dr Tommy Cairns" (Min) with an average of 8.2, “Walking on Sunshine” (F) was second (7.5). Thank you to all who participated!

Diane Wilkerson
Roses in Review Coordinator
Penn-Jersey District


Roses in Review